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  • WPC Railing

    WPC Railing

  • When you have one villa when you have a house, take consideration that building railing in your yard, using the wooden like WPC, but do not need maintenance, with our full set of accessories, it is a joy to install the railing and fence by yourself. WPC railing can keep for 15 years. Wood Plastic Composite is a hybrid material that combines the qualities of wood and the ease of workability of plastic. It is a composite material that has replaced natural wood and is sustainable as it is made of waste wood and recycled plastic. WPC railings can be an important tool for protection. The railings can be installed at the outer perimeter of the house or to fence in garden spaces. The WPC acts as an important barrier against animals and other intruders. 


    You will always find the WPC railing you need, because of Sundi has the most comprehensive series of WPC railing, Sundi has the different production lines to produce different generation railing.

    Advantages of WPC Railing

  • Beautiful and elegant railing in your villa, park and courtyard

  • Easy and comfortable to install with full accessories

  • Flexible design proposal, General WPC has more wooden surface, co-extrusion WPC has a more modern appearance

  • Long-lasting and easy-going color

  • PHOTOS of WPC Railing

    WPC Railing

    Why Adamas WPC Railing

    1. Super High Strength

    2. Higher Span of Decking

    3. Higher Temperature Resistance

    4. More Stable Performance

    Green life with WPC Railing

    1. Raw Materials Nontoxic

    2. Choose Recycled PE and Wood Powder made by the leftover branch

    3. No Pollution in the production process

    4. No Harmful Substance Release in Use Process   

    5. Always Green in the life cycle of our WPC products

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