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  • Why Adamas WPC

    Why Adamas WPC

    Adamas WPC is the super high-performance WPC, is the leading technology all over the world.
  • What Is Adamas WPC
    Adamas WPC is one kind of high level WPC, which contains wood fibre, HDPE and some other additives, use the alloy techno...
  • Green Life
    Raw Materials Nontoxic, the raw materials are recycled wood powder, recycled PE and UV protector, color powder. No mater...
  • Comparison With Wood And Other WPC
    Because of added with alloy technology, Sundi Adamas WPC achieved higher impact strength, higher modulus and higher dime...
  • Why Adamas WPC
  • Adamas WPC Test
    With core patent technology, Sundi Adamas WPC has excellent performance: 1, Higher bearing capacity, the br...
  • Comparison With Co-extrusion WPC
    Although Adamas Co-extrusion WPC has the same surface with other Co-extrusion WPC, there is totally different in the core technology. 1, Because of added with alloy technology, Sundi Adamas WPC achiev...
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