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  • Characteristics and Application of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC)

    Characteristics and Application of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC)

    Wood plastic composite material is a kind of reversible recycling using sawdust, sawdust, bamboo chips, rice husk, rice chaff, peanut husk, cotton straw and other low-plant biomass fibers as the main raw materials, using the principle of macromolecule interfacial chemistry and the characteristics of plastic filling and modification, mixing a certain proportion of plastic base materials, processing and forming by special technology. It covers a wide range, has a lot of varieties and diverse forms and structures. At present, there are different appellations for it at home and abroad, and it is also called plastic wood, environmental protection wood, science and technology wood, recycled wood, aggregate wood and so on. It has all the characteristics of wood processing.


    This new material has five characteristics:

    1. Resource utilization of raw materials:: its biomass material is mainly making use of the waste, which has a wide range of sources and low value; the plastics composition requirements are not high, and new, old or mixed materials can be used, which fully reflects the comprehensive and effective utilization of resources.

    2. Plasticizability of products: Wood plastic products are synthetic products. The process and formulation of products can be randomly adjusted according to the requirements of use, so that materials with different properties and shapes can be produced. The utilization ratio of profiles is close to 100%.

    3. Environmentally friendly of the use: Wood and plastic base materials and their commonly used additives of the wood plastic products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and their production and processing process will not produce toxic side effects, so they do not constitute any potential danger for human body and the environment.

    4. Cost economization: Wood plastic products have realized the transfer of low-cost plant materials and high value-added products, which not only has very low maintenance costs, but also has several times the life of natural wood products. Under the comprehensive comparison, iy has obvious economic advantages.

    5. Recycling and regeneration: The scrap products and recycled scraps of wood plastic materials can be recycled by 100% without affecting the performance of the products. It can realize the recycling mode of "reduction, regeneration and resource utilization".


    Application fields of wood plastic composites:

    1. Building materials: including base materials, integral door panels, wall panels, floors and decorative materials series;

    2. Outdoor facilities: including several major categories of products, such as fences, floors, columns, armrests and so on;

    3. Logistics transportation: there are mainly packing boxes, container boards, light and heavy pallets, etc.

    4. Transportation facilities: there are barriers, partitions, walls, signs, etc.

    5. Furniture supplies: mainly wardrobes, cabinets, tea tables, flower racks and so on.


    With the decrease of natural wood resources, the market demand for wood products is increasing day by day. Over time, a huge demand will eventually open the door to the market of china wood plastic composites, which is the inevitable trend in the future.

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